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Happy Holidays!

I don’t normally post too many seasonal photos, but I figured that I have held on to this photo of the Texas State Capitol long enough! There was no better time to share it with the world…

I hope everyone has a safe holiday and you get to spend time with the ones you love. Because of the holidays, I will be taking a day off here at HOSSedia. I hope you understand.

Winter Book Club – Creativity & Awesome Prizes

It is sad to say, but this will be our last winter book club reading together. I hope you all have enjoyed it. Your comments shed new light on my own photography, I really appreciate them. Make sure to leave your comments because next week I will announce all the grand prize winner. If you don’t win one of the grand prizes, you will still win a few of the smaller prizes.

Also, I want to thank our sponsors this year. We couldn’t have done it without Nik Software, ThinkTank Photo, and Craft & Vision. If you could do something to show your appreciation, that would be great. Tweet them, post something on their FB page, or even better…recommend them to your friends. They are great companies that are always excited to help the photography community.

This week’s winners!

  • Robert – Won something from the Nik Collection
  • Pam – Won the card organizer from Think Tank
  • Scott – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Ryan – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision
  • Mel – Won a free eBook from Craft & Vision

This week’s book: Because this is our last week, I wanted to introduce to my personal favorite series from C&V…’The Print & The Process Books’. This one features Iceland. They are part creativity, inspiration and adventure. I hope you like Iceland, A Monograph (by David duChemin).

Click here to get it!

Weekly Prizes: Each Monday for the next 5 weeks I will choose a book for us to read. Sometime that week leave a comment on that post about your favorite part. I will then choose a 5 random winners each week.

  • 1 person will win a Think Tank card organizer!
  • 3 people will win a free eBook!
  • 1 person will win software from Nik Software! (It could be Define 2.0, Color Efex 4, Silver Efex 2, Sharpener Pro, Viveza 2 or HDR Efex)!

Grand Prize!

This is the best part! At then end of the six weeks, I will choose 3 lucky winners that have participated regularly. Those winners will receive either a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 or Nik Software’s ‘Complete Collection‘ or every eBook Craft & Vision has ever published.

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  1. hey Merry Christmas Justin!

  2. Have a grea holiday season Justin. By the way, very nice photo.

  3. Merry Christmas Justin and love the image!

    • Mel rolleri says:

      I think this was my favorite book. Saving the best for last!! What I learned from this…..FILTERS!!!!! I have to start using them!!!
      Just want to say thank you for doing this Justin. I’ve enjoyed it so much. Looking forward to next time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  4. Mel rolleri says:

    Merry Christmas Justin! Great pic! Thanks for the ebook win!

  5. “ICELAND”…loving this ebook. First, it reinforces what I already know; tripods expand your creative journey by enabling you to create images you could not have achieved otherwise. Second, I need to spend a lot more time in the digital darkroom exploring the creative possibilities. I used to be one of those guys that hated post-processing. Lightroom 4 has changed my perspective.

    Happy Holidays to Justin and the entire creative posse here on

  6. Scott Starks says:

    This was a really enjoyable book. I love the idea of including the thought process and how he conveys the mood of Iceland. It was interesting to see his process for using filters. Makes me want to try it but I’d be worried about introducing camera shake.

  7. This was a very nice read. I really enjoyed knowing the stories behind the photos. I get so caught up in the detail I don’t enjoy where I am. They author seemed quite intrigued with Iceland and made sure he was enjoying what was around him as well as finding the balance of why he was there. Good choice for an ebook Justin. I wish you a wonderful New Year and look forward to other wonderful books, apps, gadgets, & mostly techniques you come up for us in the coming year. You have triggered my muse! :-)

  8. I know I might be too late to be included in the overall grand prize winners, but I couldn’t miss participating in the final week of the book club!! Just returned from a week of traveling for the holidays and wanted to make sure I posted my comments. This book was a great way to end this year’s club. So many amazing photos to study and hope to some day recreate in terms of artistic expression. I really enjoyed getting to see the author’s process in his filter selection, with the inclusion of the step by step photos to go along with his description of each selection. The stacked filter process adds a whole new dimension to the creative process that I would love to add to my own photos.

    Happy Holidays Justin! Looking forward to learning more from you in 2013!

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