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Year In Review

It has been a very exciting and transformative year for me creatively. I would like to thank you all for sharing in the adventure. Your comments, emails, and personal interactions mean so much to me. I hope that you have found something of value here at HOSSedia this year and you are making some magic! Here are a few of my favorite photos from 2012. Each one represents a personal milestone in my own creative journey.

Rocky Mtn. National Park Photogrpahy

Lava Tube

Super Moon 2012

Lookout Mountain

Chamberlin Observatory

PBR Denver

Personal Highlights

Probably the single coolest thing I did as a photographer this year was to get a bunch of photo buddies together for a weekend in Portland for the first annual NorthXNorthwest Photo Jamboree. Yep, there will be one in 2013! This is why I love photography. Had I never started this site, I would have never been on Cannon Beach, looking like a crazy person next to these guys. I love the internet!

Here’s the sites of everyone in the photo….they are all worth checking out and following on the various social circles.

I was also excited to start my career as a stuntman. Yep, that’s me. I like to say that I’m no Brad Pitt, but I can rain fire! My good friend, Scoot Wood (his site it awesome), from this year’s North X Northwest Photo Jamboree shot this photo of my spinning flaming steel wool above my head.

This was my second year photographing the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. I’m currently writing a book about the first two years of this great event with one of the competitors. The book should be hitting the shelves in February. Keep an eye out! Photo compliment of my good friend Will (his site is awesome too).

New Movies

Something I love to do is make movies. They just take a lot of time. I made a bunch of tutorials this year, but only two cinematic films. This one was my favorite. I followed this turtle around for a good hour. He or she was quite photogenic.

I also launched my own branded YouTube channel. You can subscribe right here.

My First Book

I’m really proud of the fact I wrote and published my first book. If you are interested in learning how to take great photos with your iPhone, I’d love for you to pick up a copy.

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  1. mel rolleri says:

    happy new year justin!! i’m so glad i discovered your talent this year! yours is one of a few sites i check regularly. thanks for all your lessons. and your inspiration! here’s to 2013!!!

  2. You’ve definitely had a great year, Justin! I count NXNW as one of my 2012 highlights too and am very much looking forward to NXNW 2013 whenever and wherever it ends up being!

  3. Wow, what a truly impressive collections of images Justin. You had a great year my friend.

  4. Yup, great year bud! Looking forward to what 2013 brings! The black and white pier image above is one I missed during the year and it is stunning! Happy New Year Justin!

  5. great pics Justin, great post, and great year! I enjoyed shooting with you – twice! Hopefully more in 2013!

  6. Great captures, Justin! Another year filled with remarkable images. You are one of a kind when it comes to sharing your talent with the world. No question that you’ve made the world a better place by helping others explore the creative frontier! Thanks for being my guide! Have a safe and happy new year!

    • Wow thanks Robert, I really appreciate the kind words. Just think, we met a Pints Pub way back in Spring. Let’s hope we can go out and shoot some photos together this year. Have a great 2013!

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