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A Creepy Night At The Court House

Denver Court House

When I shot this photo, I decided to throw myself in there for scale. What I didn’t intend was for me to be so creepy looking. I need to develop a more natural pose for photographs like this. Anyway, this is an image I shot while out on a photo walk with a good friend last month. He lent me his Nikon 14-24 lens (some say it is the best wide-angle lens ever made)…after a night with it I would have to agree. I love that thing!

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

  • Capture – 5 images @ 1ev
  • Lightroom 4 – Raw processing
  • Photomatix – HDR Tonemapping
  • Nik SEP 2- B&W Conversion (I posted the process on G+)
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  1. John Hunt says:

    Well done…loks awesome. Love good HDR

  2. I’m imagining working on a photo there and looking up and seeing this guy. Not good! LOL

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