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Castello de Amerosa

castello de amerosa

I would like to thank the Facebook community for voting this image back on the island. I posted it last week asking for some feedback. Overall the response was very positive, so here it is. Thanks again team!

You might remember seeing a similar image on the site in the past. Yep, this is the Castello de Amersoa. A winery in Napa that was constructed as an exact replica of a Tuscan castle. Here’s a photo of the Throne Room, the Tasting Room and the Stairs.

Tip – As a friend over on FB mentioned, they liked the fact that all of the image was in focus. If you are new to photography, the amount of focus (or as we call it, depth of field DOF) is controlled by your aperture. If you want everything in focus, set your aperture to numbers like f/11 or f/22.

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  1. It looks like something out of medieval times! Very cool!

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