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Destination Palapa

Coral Princess Hotel Cozumel

After returning from Cozumel on Saturday, I began importing my images. The first couple of cards imported just fine, but the third card…well, let’s just say it was a nightmare I have luckily never experienced for 15 years. THE CARD WAS CORRUPT! Nope, not once in 15 years of digital shooting have I come across a corrupt card. Not until Sunday. It was at that moment, I wanted to go back to where I shot this photo and relax a little while. Serenity Now!

Here’s a few things I’ve learned about corrupt cards.

  • I believe I corrupted the card by turning off my camera in the middle of a long exposure. I wanted to quit it early and move on, so I turned it off. Therefore the file was only partially written and corrupted all the images.
  • Yes, there is image rescue software out there but it doesn’t work on everything. Especially when you can’t even get your computer to recognize your card.
  • Thankfully, I have always shot on smaller cards and swap them out everyday. I normally shoot about eight gigs worth of images a day. So, for a week-long trip I bring seven, eight gig cards. That way, if I have a corrupted one, I only lose a days worth of images. Well, the one card I lost was completely full…Murphy’s Law I guess?!?

If you have any recommend image recovery methods…PLEASE let me know! I will happily send a print to someone who can help me save the rest of the images. Thanks much!

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 10.51.26 AM

Photographer’s Note – This is a single handheld image shot with the bulbous Nikon 14-24…wow what a cool lens! I balanced the exposure as best I could in Lightroom, then added two great Nik filters to enhance the summer breeze. First…some warm glamour glow…second…sunlight! That’s about it. Well, I did use the warp tool in Photoshop to correct a few lines.

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  1. Very nice image – my heart goes out to you. Since switching to digital in 2001 I only had one near disaster but I was able to recover the data using the sandisk software.

  2. That is just an inviting image Justin especially since it has been wickedly cold here in New England. I will be heading south next week to warm up. Sorry about the card, wish I new something that could help.

  3. Hey Justin, sorry to hear about that card. I’ve also heard that repeated deleting of images off a card will fragment it and can also lead to a failure. And re: the 14-24, I know you had borrowed one a while back. Did you end up getting one for yourself? There’s probably no better super wide than that one. Nice shot with it!

    • Howdy! Yep, I have heard that too…I never delete images. I manage that on import. Well, unless for some reason I am low on space. Which is rare. Yep, after borrowing it…I picked one up. It is awesome, but being as wide as it is, it is prone to flare. I don’t mind flare, so I could care less…but I know other folks might not like it.

  4. Sorry about the card dude, I guess after 15 years, you might have been due. Absolutely beautiful image – makes me feel even colder here in MN! :)

  5. Bummer about the card justin. I hope you can get it back.
    How was it traveling with the 14-24? Seems like a lot to carry with you.

    • The 14-24 was pretty great. I will say, I travel heavier than some some. My kit was the D700 w/ the 14-24 and the D7000 with the 18-200. I also brought along the 15mm fish and 24mm 1.4.

  6. Sorry to hear of your card failure. I’ve had two card failures this year. One on my Alaska trip. None in prior years. Wish I knew why. One failed in my iMac but was readable by my MacBook Pro. Have you tried various card readers? Just a thought.

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