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Dreams In The Distance

Moab Utah

Howdy! I hope you had a great weekend. It was cold here in Colorado…like Chicago Cold…like it hurt to breathe cold…like I spent the entire weekend in hibernation cold. Thankfully, I will heading to the Yucatan in the near future.

News – I will be making an appearance on Trey Ratcliff’s variety hour tonight. Once I have a link I will try to share it on the various social channels, so keep an eye out.

Today’s Photo – I shot this image just north of Mea Arch in Moab, UT. After a memorable sunrise at the arch, it was time for some coffee! As I drove back to camp….this scene caught my eye. Coffee was going to have to wait….

Capture Notes:

Processing Notes:

  • Capture – I images
  • RAW Conversion – Lightroom 4 (I split toned the image to give it a nice southwester vibe)
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  1. Love the textures! I am ready for some warmth!

  2. Lovely shot and it got me thinking about WxSW 2013 :-) Time to start planning?

  3. Jim Denham says:

    Yeah, that coffee needed to be patient here! Gorgeous warm tones!

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