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Guidos Of Cozumel

Guidos Cozumel

Thanks to everyone who joined the webinar on Snapseed yesterday. I guess we had well over 500 people! I hope you all enjoyed it and better yet, I hope you learned a few tricks.

Today’s Photo

Today I thought I would take you to one of my favorite little restaurants in Cozumel, Guidos. It’s quaint and serves some of the best Italian food on the island. I have a quick question for you all. Do you like seeing images like this? As you probably know by now, this site is about adventure and sharing cool findings along the way. It’s not really your traditional photo blog. I have always wanted it to be more than that. I often wonder if I am turning readers off by sharing quaint little cafes instead of breath-taking landscapes. I always try to keep things fresh here, and I think looking at nothing but landscapes would get old? Sure, this photo isn’t going to win any awards, but hopefully it adds another item to your list of places to visit. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Photographer’s Note This is a single image shot with the super wide Nikon 14-24. I processed the image in Lightroom then followed it up with a little Nik Bleach Bypass to tame the colors and bring out some details. Then I hit it with some glamour glow!

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  1. Excellent scene Justin. The only thing I like more that shooting is eating. Always nice to get the name of a place to visit and eat.

  2. I thought the webinar yesterday was awesome, I learned a lot.
    I have one quick question…my husband is interested in a LYTRO camera
    and I was telling him about the adjustments that can be made to photos in Snapseed that would probably do the same thing as this camera can do for a photo as far as depth of field. Are you familiar with this camera and would you agree or disagree?

    • Howdy! Thanks for attending and the kind words. Yep, I have heard and seen the results of a Lytro…those things are engineering marvels. The Lytro and what you can do in Snapseed is a bit different. Sure, in Snapseed you can create faux focus effects but the Lytro can adjust your true depth of field after capture. I really don’t even know how it works. Similar…but waaaaay different “engineeringly speaking”…if that’s a word?

  3. Hey Justin, I for one, like the other little shots. I’d say I probably prefer landscapes but now and then, it’s nice to see some different stuff too. Would have tuned into your webinar yesterday but had to work… bah. Maybe next time!

  4. Looks pretty sweet man. Almost would have said it almost looks like HDR the way it was processed. Good job.

    Also, I think this fits the theme of your site pretty well.

  5. The webcast was awesome and your pictures are inspiring as such I visit each day in flipboard. I’ve completed your snapseed course and would say carry on doing the way you do and the way you deliver it. It’s certainly inspired me to use snapseed and start up an i365 project this years. As you say on your course “this is where we came from and this is where we got to. “. Just don’t stop!

  6. The creative frontier is full of cafes, bistros, hot dog carts, farmers markets, abandoned gas stations, and countless other images outside the landscape genre. Diversity keeps me coming back for more. Keep ’em coming, Justin.

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