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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable new year. This is one of those image, that having grown up in the states, just fuels my calling for travel. I shot this image from the hallway of a tiny little hotel in Bordeaux, France. I’m pretty sure I could travel this great nation, and never find a scene like this from any hotel windows, let alone an open window without glass. I can feel the wanderlust kicking in……next stop!

Here’s the original image prior to the magic of Silver Efex Pro 2…

Book Club Winners

Speaking of Silver Efex Pro, we have some prizes to give away. I hope you have enjoyed this year’s book club! eBooks are amazing and the future of publishing, so make sure to keep on reading! They’re not only inexpensive and full of great stuff, they support the artists that publish them.

Also, a BIG THANKS to the sponsors! Please email, tweet, and recommend these companies to your friends. Without them this would not have been possible. These are the companies that support our creativity, so please do your best to support them!

Drum roll please……

  • Mel – Won the entire C&V collection!
  • Pam – Won the ThinkTank Photo Retrospective 5
  • Scott – Won the entire Nik Collection
  • Ryan – Won 3 eBooks from C&V, a copy of my new upcoming book, and a 8×12 print of his choice…
  • Robert – Won 3 eBooks, a copy of my new upcoming book, and a 8×12 print of his choice…

Thanks again everyone, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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  1. Happy New Year, Justin! Looking forward to more great shots and inspiration in 2013. All the best!

  2. mel rolleri says:

    what a beautiful shot! silver efex pro is great!!!! thanks so much for the win justin!! much appreciated!

  3. Happy New Year Justin! May the new year bring more of your wonderful & inspiring creativity & to share with us. Thanks so much for the Think Tank Retrospective 5! What you did with the photo above (love the before & after) is awesome! Now I want to learn more with black & white. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for the win Justin and Happy New Year! This is an amazing photo!

  5. Thanks much for the win, Justin! Great way to start the new year. Happy New Year! Love the photo and really enjoy seeing the before and after versions.

  6. Scott Starks says:

    Thanks so much Justin. I look forward to exploring the other Nik tools.

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