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iPhone Friday

Howdy everyone…it’s the first iPhone Friday post of 2013! I can’t believe I have been publishing iPhone Photos every Friday for four years. Back then it seemed like I was a madman….totally rogue…but apparently the whole iPhonography thing really caught on?

Here are a few iPhone Photos from this weekend’s adventure in the Colorado Rockies. For years I have wanted to hike into a remote ghost town resort on the banks of Twin Lakes outside of Leadville, CO. Finally, I found a few adventurous souls who wanted to join me. The hike was intended to be via snowshoe, but because of the lack of deep snow, we hiked along a frozen lake. I’ll have some ‘Adventures In iPhone Photography (watch on youtube)’ for you next week!

iPhone Photography Colorado Rockies

iPhone Photography Colorado Rockies

iPhone Photography Colorado 14er

iPhone Photography Fire Place

Free Webinar Announcement: Jan 29th

The good folks at NIK Software have invited me to share the magic of Snapseed in a special webinar that is free for all of you. This will be a very unique opportunity for all of us. I will be processing images fresh from a trip to Cozumel, MX. It should be fun and I hope you to see you there.

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Free Snapseed Webinar

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  1. Great iphone stuff today, Justin, as always! Hope you have a great New Year!

  2. Beautiful, every one of them. I’m having fun with the Snapseed program. Thanks Justin!

  3. Always look forward to what you come up with every iPhone Friday. You never disappoint!

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