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Safety Stop


When you’re diving, you take a 3 minute safety stop 15 feet from the surface. The safety stop helps eliminate any excess nitrogen in your system. On the surface Nitrogen bubbles can expand in your body causing intense pain and possibly death. This is what we call ‘The Bends’. Nothing in the rule book says anything about taking your safety stop upside down. It’s totally legit…as my buddy Murph demonstrates here.

Free Webinar Announcement: Jan 29th

The good folks at NIK Software have invited me to share the magic of Snapseed in a special webinar that is free for all of you. This will be a very unique opportunity for all of us. I will be processing images fresh from this trip. It should be fun and I hope you to see you there.

YOU MUST REGISTER and it’s limited to 1000 participants!

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Free Snapseed Webinar

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