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The Stars Were Aligned

Twin Lakes Colorado

If I enjoyed operating in the cold and dark of the night, I could really get into astral photography. Although I consider myself a bit of yeti, I’m better suited for astral photography closer to the Equator. I do enjoy it, and have a special lens just for it, the Nikon 24mm 1.4g. However, I like to use it in flip-flops. This image was shot on New Year’s Eve, a bit before midnight. You are looking at Twin Lakes Colorado. On the other side of those mountains is Aspen. I wish I had captured the Milky Way, which was off to the right a tad. A great friend that was with us that night, was experiencing the Milky Way for the very first time in her life. Sorry I missed it Amy…I promise to get it next time!

Lightroom 4 Users – I processed this image (with a single click) using an AWESOME new pack of presets I found from a very cool Pacific Northwest photographer, Dave Morrow. The presets are super easy to use…seriously, they are rad! Do yourself a favor and pick up this great pack of presets here ( $4.99 CLICK TO GET THEM )

Don’t believe me? Here’s the before image….

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  1. Great shot! What are the details on the image? (ISO, shutter speed, etc).

    Thanks for sharing the presets – they look awesome!

    • Here you go Scott! Did you know that you can click on almost any image on the site, and when you get the larger version….just click the ‘show details’ link above the image. That will give you all the EXIF data. Here’s the data from this one…

      Exposure Time: 25s (25/1)
      Aperture: f/1.4
      ISO: 800
      Focal Length: 24mm (24mm in 35mm)

  2. Jeff Struck says:

    Wow! Colorado is colorful even at night!

  3. Man, what awesome blue tones! Me like! If I used Lightroom 4, I’d pick these up for sure!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. mel rolleri says:

    very cool!!

  6. Love this. Liked the before and the after even more.

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