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French Women

Frech Woman Riding Bike

Not to sound creepy, but I shot this image with my camera hanging around my neck and a shutter release cable running down my sleeve. Hmm, on second thought…that sounds pretty creepy. I made a lot of photos using this technique in Bordeaux that day. I read about the technique from a great street photographer so I decided to give it a try on a walk between my hotel and the Saint-Andre Cathedral. I thought it worked out pretty good. Something you might not have considered is that it provided a unique perspective because the camera was about a foot and a half lower than eye level.

Photographer’s Note – In terms of processing, this image is a single photo processed in LR4. The B&W conversion along with the selective coloring was all done within NIK SEP 2.

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  1. hmmmm – interesting technique – creepy hmmmmmm maybe but it could be a great technique for photo journalist.

  2. That’s a cool trick, Justin. Real nice image as a result too. Very stealthy and totally candid.

  3. I’m gonna give that trick a try! Thanks for sharing! Like Like Like

  4. Justin!,..great image!

  5. Interesting technique! I may have to try it sometime.

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