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Further South of Currie Nevada

South or Currie Nevada

South or Currie Nevada

These are two of my favorite images I made in that great grass valley between Currie and Ely Nevada. Surprisingly, they were shot at the exact same spot. One was facing south, the other facing west. I always find it fascinating how many photos can be made from the same location. We each bring our own perspectives that are shaped by the unique story of our lives. I often wonder what my images say about me.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s short little adventure. The goal was simple. Share a few images I made by asking a friend which way we should travel. The lesson is straightforward and I’m sure many of you know it better than I. The world is a big place. Asking friends and strangers to share their story will enhance your experience of this world. So next time you are out, ask someone…’which way do you think I should go?”. You might be surprised what you find.

Photographer’s Note – I’m pretty sure all the images that I have shared from this adventure were shot with my Nikon D7000 and a used 18-200mm lens. A fairly modest rig compared to some. Each images was processed in Lightroom 4. Again, another modest post processing tool. I guess the other lesson to be had is one that is the theme of this site…”It’s not about the gear…it’s about recognizing the creativity that I know is in each one of you and applying it to your own adventure”.

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  1. Wonderful compositions Justin. You have conveyed the vastness of Nevad through these images.

  2. Nice work! Love the windmill shot

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