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Good Friends

Prima's Cozumel

Does anyone else excuse themselves from the dinner table when you are out with friends, so you can go take a photo? I’m glad I have the friends I do. They let me sit the front seat of taxis so I have room for my camera bag and tripod, they point out cool photos, they even order for me if the waiter comes by when I’m off making a photo. I sound kind of high maintenance? I try to return the favors as best I can. Friends are a precious gift, no doubt!

Today’s Pic – This the view of San Miguel on the island of Cozumel. All the commerce here is a product of the cruise ship ports. Someday’s up to 8 ships, that’s close to 25,000) descend on the island. I try to avoid the town on those days. No way do you want to get mixed up in that nonsense.

Photographer’s Note – This is single image processed in Lightroom 4 and stylized with Nik Software CEP 4.

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  1. I was just in Cozumel over the holidays…yes I was one of those cruise happy folks who descended on mass. Great shot Justin.

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