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Just South of Currie Nevada

Currie Nevada

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the rest of this week is a look at the images I made on an adventure planned via my iPhone with the help of a longtime prospector. The goal was simple…we asked Jay to find us some ghost towns. That he did…The adventure took us from the town of Crescent Valley, NV to Elly, NV by way of Currie and Cherry Creek.

This image was shot just south of Currie, NV at what used to be a Pony Express stop. Years ago this was rocking rail line transporting ore from the areas around Elly, NV. Now…well, you can see what it has become.

Photographer’s Note – I shot this photo with a Nikon D7000 and 18-200 VR Lens. I processed it using Lightroom 4. To achieve the selenium look I used a ‘Duo-Toning’ technique to add some blues to the shadows. If you are interested in this lens, I have a full review of it here (Click Here).

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  1. Hey Justin, I really like what you do with skies in these treatments. In this case, the mountains and the sky. Sometimes skies are a problem if they lack interest but the way you deal with them really works. Creates such a cool background for the subject.

    • Thanks Hickory! In situations like this, where the sky is distracting because it lacks interest, I try to over expose a bit to blow the details out. I did get luck with the ridge line behind it which made for a very subtle…and at the same time, powerful backdrop. Also, when the light is bad I try tend to go with shape/tone which translates well to black & white. Had the light be great that day, I might have gotten closer to the truck w/ a wide lens and worked some magic?

  2. Very nice!

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