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Planning An Adventure

Planning An Adventure

If you’re a regular visitor here, you know I believe that everyone has their own unique story that’s not only worth sharing, but adds to the beauty of this world. Following that logic, I try my best to talk to people hoping they might be willing to share it. I shared the story of my man Jay (read it here), last year. However, in this photo he is helping us plan an adventure across the Nevada desert. Yep, we dialed up Google Maps and plotted it all out on my iPhone. The rest of this week I’ll be sharing images from that adventure. I hope that stories like this will encourage you to engage someone in conversation and see what their world is all about. I bet it’s pretty cool!

Currie Nevada

You don’t know how tempted I was to order a pair….

Capriola's Elko Nevada

Currie Nevada

Cherry Creek Nevada Post Office

Currie Nevada

Hotel Nevada Elly

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  1. Super images Justin. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Great pics by the way especially your new boots.

  2. Wow… love these, Justin. Those boots. Coolest boots I’ve ever seen. And the red house especially. Beautiful!

  3. Love the images, but you definitely lose points for NOT getting a pair of those boots.

  4. Justin I love the ghosts of buildings, movie drive-ins, farm machines what ever. Nice pics

  5. So where’s the link to order a pair of those boots? :-)

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