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iPhone Friday – It’s A Small World


Meet Melvin, he’s a photographer from the small town of Hopkins, Belize. You are probably wondering why I decided to share this image on today’s iPhone Friday. Other than it being and iPhone image, I wanted to share a story about just how small the world is getting. If you remember last year I wrote a post about how (and other small publishing companies) will make the world a better place. Well, here’s the proof. I was shooting photos, on a dirt road in the middle of this remote little town. It takes two big planes, one small plane, and an hour drive on very rugged roads to reach it. It’s really far away. Melvin approached me and asked what kind of camera I shoot. I really didn’t expect that question…or any camera related question where I was. Fast forward to this photo. We had lunch together. He took out his Nikon, I showed him some tricks…heck I even conducted an impromptu portrait workshop for him (photo of his friend below). The incredible part was that he knew me…well, kind of. He knew about because he followed Trey Ratcliff’s legendary travel photography site Which, as you know is the parent company of Flatbooks. When we started talking about iPhone Photography, he said…have you heard of Big World Little Lens? There was a little shock in my voice when I replied…”why..yes..I wrote it…”. Needless to say I was in awe of just how much smaller the world gets when you put yourself out there and try to help others with their own creative journeys. Yes, the world is a lot smaller, and this story is proof that it is better. Ten minutes earlier we were total strangers, but because of a creative connection, Melvin and I became quick friends and we had a great time talking shop.

These are Melvin’s friends and the models for our impromptu portrait photography workshop in the small town of Hopkins, Belize.

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  1. Awesome story!

  2. It always amazes me how stories like this crop up. For example, just last week, I met a guy from California at a trade show and discovered that we had 2 mutual friends in Scotland!

  3. What an awesome story, Justin! Just shows you what you can learn and discover by sitting down with the people you encounter on your travels!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Justin. It’s a beautiful story, a couple great photos, and a reminder to stop and talk to the fellow travelers along the way!

  5. Jeff Struck says:

    Oh man…I love stories like these! Small world indeed…

  6. What a great story!

  7. What an awesome story and a memory that will last a lifetime, for both of you.

  8. Came to this posting via TR’s FB post. I have a dumb phone and I point and shoot a coolpix L5. Those facts did not keep me from nearly crying at the beauty of the portrait Melvin’s friends above. Thanks for sharing…

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