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Working On Horseback

For those of you who are new here, a few years back I produced a long form story about ‘The American Cowboy’ (click here to read it). I was afforded the opportunity to saddle up with a few true working cowboys and head up into the mountains high above Crested Butte to bring a thousand head of cattle back to the valley. This is one of the photos that never made it into the story. I still like it though.

Here I am working on my story about the American Cowboy. That's my horse Smilely.

Photographer’s Note – When I’m working on a ranch or on the back of a moto photographing a bike race, I’m using a custom system of ThinkTank products I have pieced together. I use their Belly Dancer harness (out of production so I bought 3 of them), skin systems modules and a holster to carry most everything I need. I actually use this system when I’m traveling. It packs down super light and is comfortable to wear.

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  1. Love the sepia effect Justin. Really adds a western feel to the image.

  2. Hey Justin… Been in CO a few days house hunting so I haven’t been to the site much. Really great images these last few days. Cannon Beach, cowboys. Sf… All really cool.

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