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Cisco Utah – Part III

Cisco Utah

This will be the final look at the forgotten town of Cisco, UT. It’s actually not completely forgotten, that house is occupied. There is usually a light on in it and apparently they rock Dish Network. It is usually quiet in town, but the day we visited some Troopers (pronounced Troopahs) pulled up and arrested a couple of fugitives. Dave Wilson thought they were there to arrest him, so he hid inside the post office.

Cisco Utah

Photographer’s Note – If you enjoyed this series and would like to know how I processed these photos, I shared my NIK CEP 4 Recipe. Click Here to download it.

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  1. Hi Justin, what is supposed to happen when I ‘click here’? I keep getting errors. Thx.

    • Val…it should be good to go now. You will just download the Nik Recipe and then import it into NIK Color Efex Pro 4. Have fun with it!

  2. yo dude great series, sorry I missed the trip but looks like you guys were jacking it up, high speed!

  3. Just to keep the record straight, you can find my version of this story at

  4. I wondered wehere Dave went when I saw the Troopahs, that explains everything, PS I have pics of the fugitives!

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