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Reflections On The Past

Nikon 18-200

If you remember last week’s adventure in Americana, I shared some ideas surrounding using non-pro gear to have fun and make images. Well, this was another shot from that adventure. The sun was setting, and noticed the windmill in the distance. I initially thought about compressing the image by zooming in on the horizon. However, just up ahead of me were the tire tracks you see here. They were leading me right in to the scene. So I decided to run up the road, get low and grab a quick hand-held shot. Now, if I was shooting anything but a non-pro super zoom…no way could I have made that compositional decision within the few seconds Mother Nature granted me. Again, the lesson is feel the flow and forget the gear!

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  1. That is one beautifully composed image Justin. Love the light.

  2. Awesome colors, well done and love the compo!

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