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Roadside Attraction

This is just another reason I dig the new Fuji x100s. Why? Because it takes awesome pictures of donkeys thats why! No, not really. It sounds silly, but much like the iPhone inspired me to evolve as a photographer, the Fuji is doing the same. Not because it rocks sweet donkey shots….hmmm…that sounds weird. I’m falling in love with photography all over again. Its simplicity is forcing me to see the world in a whole new light, and it’s a romantic light at that. I just love this thing.

You can find my complete review of the Fuji x100s here.

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  1. Hey Justin… I managed to find one of those little gems and picked it up yesterday. What a cool little machine! This shot shows the super quality of the images it produces. Love the nice bokeh on this one too.

  2. Love the Mug on this guy Justin, you are rocking that Fuji!

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