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First Shots With The Fuji 55-200

Fuji 55-200 Sample Image

Click Here for my full review of the Fuji 55-200

As I mentioned earlier, my love for the Fuji X system is growing. I have also mentioned that I have telephoto eyes. In Nikon terms, that is a single camera (Nikon D7000) and lens (Nikon 18-200). In Fuji terms, assuming you aren’t interested in the wide side, that is their new 55-200. If you are interested in the wide side, that means two bodies and two lenses. Which comes about to be about the same price because the Fujis are so much cheaper.

This is my first shot with that lens. I can say after spending a few days with it, it is crazy nice. OIS works, and works really well! The build quality is second to none. Seriously, it feels like a precision instrument. If you are into Jay Maisel, this would be his lens if he shot with Fuji. More on this lens and setup soon!

For those non-gear-geek folks who visit here, this image was shot at the Pullman Restaurant in Glenwood Springs CO. If you are ever up there, make sure to grab dinner. The food is amazing! Also, if you want to be the weird guy. Stand up at your table, rake a 200mm out to full zoom, point it at the table across from you and start shooting photos.

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  1. Ah cool. I hadn’t even heard about the 55-200. From what I’ve seen of the Fuji glass, it’s really good. BTW, you must have gotten the X-E1? It’s amazing, but it looks more and more like the DSLRs just aren’t the best option anymore. I think the big thing missing from these mirrorless cameras now is some kind of dust and moisure resistance. But that will come I’m sure. Looking forward to more “tests”!

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