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Night Chilies

Chimayo Santa Fe Hotel

Have you ever been to Santa Fe, NM? It’s kind of a long weekend getaway for folks here in Colorado. Too far for two days, but perfect for three or four. It’s full of bright beautiful color and well worth the trip. I was still wired after a long day of traveling, so I decided to go shoot some photos late one night. Here’s a cool spot I found at the Hotel Chimayo. Great place at the price is right!

San Francisco Folks – I’m headed that way in a bit, do you have any must see, must do, must eat type of things you could share with me? I’d totally appreciate it.

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  1. Great shot Justin. Love the soft light and shadows on the walkway. I don’t live there but have travelled there extensively. I will actually be there this week for a couple of days. A must eat restaurant is Rocco’s – they were featured on Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins (I’ve eaten at over 60 of them and Rocco’s is my favorite). If you go, try either the Chicken Picatta, Bolognese & Polenta or Linguini w/Clams (my favorite).

  2. That’s a cool picture. There are so many must see things in San Francisco. Number one for me would be the Golden Gate Bridge. So many different places to take pictures of it too. Alcatraz is a really interesting place where you could get some great pictures. I used to take my class there on a field trip. If you like baseball see if you can get to AT&T park, it looks similar to Coors Field. Let me know if you get to the East Bay lots of great Regional Parks (it’s where I live).

  3. Feels like I’m standing right in that brick alleyway! Beauty shot!

  4. My must eat place when I go to SF is Hog Island in the Ferry Building. Great oysters and clam chowder with clams in the shell. They also make an unbelievable grilled cheese sandwich. Casual good for lunch or dinner. Irish coffee at the Buena Vista. If you’ve never been there, go just to see the bartenders pour them.

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