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Night Time Travel


Help People Living With Parkinson’s Disease

If you can’t make it to the USA Pro Challenge this week, pick up my newest book and help people living with Parkinson’s Disease. This week I am donating a dollar from every book sold to the Davis Phinney Foundation which help people living with Parkinson’s Disease, live well.

The Dawn of America’s Race $9.99

The Dawn of America’s Race takes you from the press conference to the finish line of America’s greatest bike race. Photographer Justin Balog and professional cyclist and author Ted King joined forces to share a glimpse into the first two years of the USA Pro Challenge. Experience the race with over 100 never seen before images captioned and curated by Ted King himself. This book is beautiful, funny and like nothing that has ever been done before!

Today’s Photo

Almond Beach Resort Belize

Today we are looking at the Almond Beach Resort in Belize. It’s a single image stylized using Nik Software Color Efex Pro. I have found that night shots usually only require a single image because the ‘Highlight Recovery’ slider in Lightroom is very powerful. As long as I get details in the shadows, I can usually recover the highlights. Sure, I’m not going to recover the details in all the spectral highlights…but who cares about that?

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  1. Nice shot, Justin. You’re right about usually just needing a single image. The newer cameras capture so much dynamic range and the software (Lightroom) is so powerful, I think traditional HDR may be going the way of the DSLR.

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