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A Learning Tool

Fuji x100s Sample Images

Long ago, a photography mentor told me to grab a Leica M series camera and shoot 100 rolls of film through it. He said that would be the best photography education you could ever ask for. I told him I had a Konica and shot way more film that through it. I’m sure it’s great, but also a very expensive endeavor. I guess that is why I’m so fired up about the Fuji x100s. It’s the ultimate digital learning tool. The form factor coupled with out of camera .jpgs (or VSCO film presets) makes for an incredible way to learn to see the world. I’m beginning to slow down, define my vision and then craft it with the tool more than I have before. I’m loving it! I hope that these little lesson in my own journey inspire you to try something new in your art.

Today’s Photo – I shot this early one morning on the beach near the Golden Gate Park. I wish I could remember the name of the place. It’s just south of the Cliff House. Do you know?

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  1. Hey Justin… gotta love that.. “Grab a Leica..” Very expensive indeed. Cool shot. I like the rosy color on the walls. And I think I see a Sam Abel lesson here too. “Compose and wait” maybe?

  2. Shot early in the morning? When did you become a ‘morning’ guy? Love the image!

  3. I’m enjoying your pictures of SF. It’s called Ocean Beach. I was there Sunday. It’s where those of us who live in the East Bay go to escape the heat. Usually foggy there.

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