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Golden Gate Bridge

Fuji 55-200 Sample Image

Howdy! I hope you all had a great weekend. This week I’m thinking of continuing the adventure with the Fuji X system. I hope it’s not starting to sound like I work for Fuji…because I don’t. They have no idea who I am. I’m just excited about this new system because it’s light weight, small and more affordable. It’s a real joy to carry around and use.

Today’s Photo – Well, this is a scene I would never get tired of photographing. I could photograph it every day and never get bored. I love this bridge. Funny side note: While I was photographing this, a family of raccoons ran under my tripod.

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  1. Hard to get tired of seeing the bridge Justin. Nicely exposed. Looks like you had better weather that I did. I was fogged in most of the time I was there. Of course, that adds to the attraction of SF.

  2. Thanks Len! Yeah, we had some pretty good luck when it came to weather.

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