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Setting The Stage

City of Cozumel

Jay Maisel (make sure to click here to learn about him), is a photographer who I really admire. He often speaks about street photographers setting the stage and then waiting for an actor. He also says that he’ll often head out on his photo-walks and come back with nothing…nada…zip! We photographers have to be patient and honest as well. In this image, I applied the principles I learned from Jay. Well, some of them. I set the stage in a local Cozumel market, but I doubt that a stretching merchant is what Jay had in mind for an actor. I had to come away with something though…I was there for quite a while.

What do you think? Are you patient enough to set the stage and wait? Make sure to check out Jay’s work. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

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  1. Hey Justin!
    Great image! You were well rewarded! Jay is awesome! I love listening to his thoughts and how he goes about capturing an image/working a scene! Great stuff!

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