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Snapseed In The Browser


I hope you had a great weekend! As promised, here’s some info on the new version of Snapseed. Today’s photo is an image I shot with my new Fuji X system while hiking in Muir woods. I love how light the system is, I also love that my digital darkroom is becoming very light as well. Yep, this was processed with Snapseed, but the new version of it!

A few months back, Google depricated the desktop version of Snapseed and I was bummed! Last week, they brought it back better than ever. It is free, and it is in the browser! I put together a quick tutorial on it so check it out. Also, if you want to take my online Snapseed workshop, you can use the coupon code HOSSEDIA to get lifetime access to it for only $10!

Click Here to register! Not only will you learn Snapseed, you will build a foundation in post processing for all your creative needs.

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  1. high speed bro, nice work!

  2. The speed of technology in the photography software is quite dizzying. Very nice shot Justin.

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