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Homes Of Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Travel Guide

It was a grey morning when I woke up early to catch a beautiful sunrise in Hermosa Beach. That sunrise I had dreamed about never happened. So, as we all do…I tried to make some lemonade. There is no shortage of interesting homes along the shore of Hermosa Beach. The crazy part is that they all seem to be empty. I’m not sure if they are summer homes, executive rentals or foreclosed on. Who knows, but I shot a few images of them as I strolled along. Occasionally you will find an old beach house. One that had been there from the 50s. The kind of homes that make you wish the neighbors were still there. Maybe it was the weather, but these massive abandoned homes seemed cold and foreboding in what I dreamed would have been a warm and vibrant community. I did find some cool spots along the coast. I shared them in my Photographer’s Guide to Hermosa Beach.

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  1. Very nice lines and the processing choices are spot on Justin.

  2. Agreed. The processing is cool on this one. Great image.

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