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Lucky Find

I have forgotten the name of this quaint little restaurant. I do know it is located in the small coastal town of Hopkins, Belize. It’s the kind of place your nose finds when you are out on a quiet stroll on the beach. The Chef came to our table and told us the ingredients he had on hand and proposed a few dishes he could whip up. That was new for me. The only time I get that kind of treatment is when I visit my mom’s kitchen. We asked to take his photo, which he agreed to, as long as we didn’t post it on the internet. He jokingly claimed he was a wanted man. Wanted or not, he made a great curry!

If you are headed to Belize, or interested in learning more about it, take a look at my free Photographer’s Guide to Belize.

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  1. Nice pic. Where is that? Funny as just seeing the photo I thought it look as Roberts Grove restaurant in Placencia in Belize…trying to find out when in your note I read Belize…. Small world or reality?

  2. Love the processing on this image Justin. The motion in the ceiling fan adds interest to the scene.

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