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Nik Analog Efex Pro Tutorial

Nik Analog Efex Pro Tutorial

Remember that day I told you I had visited Google and they showed me a bunch of cool stuff they were working on? Well, now I can tell you about it! They just debuted Analog Efex Pro…and it is awesome! Here’s a quick tutorial I put together to get you started. IF you already have the Nik Collection, you will get it for free. Looking forward to seeing what you all do with it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want access to all my free tutorials.

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  1. Great walkthrough and great addition to the collection! I’ve really enjoyed playing with it myself –—Minnehaha-Falls-Oct-2/i-pDqM48h/A


  1. […] tweak, but the module allows you a substantial amount of control. My buddy Justin already has a brief tutorial up showing how to take advantage of the various control features. You can get more info about Analog […]

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