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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks San Francisco

Howdy! I hope yo all had a great weekend. I spent it upgrading my studio a bit and migrating to a new Mac. I’m not totally there, but going from 4gb of memory to 16gb of memory is pretty easy to get used it! This week might be touch and go, but I’ll do my best. Today’s image is from the world-famous Twin Peaks overlook outside of San Francisco. I made of a few images of the skyline, then I noticed the cars racing up this gem of a curve. Out came the Fuji 55-200 and composed it nice and tight. After all was said and done, I was pretty happy with the change of perspective.

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  1. I have never shot there at night and now I am kicking myself for not doing it. Great image Justin. Good luck with the Mac. I upgraded to a new iMac earlier this year and splurged for 32gb. Simply awesome speed.

  2. Woe is me. My migration began two months ago with the purchase of a MacBook Pro. Now I am caught in the middle because my desktop is a muscular ASUS with raided drives and 16Gb RAM. I love both but when money permits I’ll jerk over to an IMac for the sake of a homogeneous platform.

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