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What I Learned About Bats

What I Learned About Bats

This weekend we attended a bat lecture at the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was super interesting! The scientist hosting it actually brought a few bats with him. This is one of them. A three pound fruit bat from South America. I asked her to open her wings, but she was pretty shy. Her wing span was close to five feet. As always, I try to kept things fresh here so I thought I would share what I learned about bats.

  • There are two general classifications of bats. Mega and Micro
  • Mega bats are large (like this one), live in the southern hemisphere and only eat fruit.
  • Micro bats are small (a big one weighs about the same as three nickels), live in the northern hemisphere and eat up to 2000 insects a night.
  • There is however, one type of vampire bat. It lands close to cows, hops up on them, sucks 1 tbsp of blood, hops down, then flies away. This bat is an exception to most micro bats.
  • Bats save the agricultural industry close to 2 billion dollar in insecticides. Crazy!
  • If you want to help support the bat population, but up a bat house (click here to learn how). They will use it in the summer, then when winter comes they will leave and hibernate in a cave or local mine.
  • Yes, we will be building a bat house next year!

Photographer’s Note – This image was shot in crazy low light with the Fuji 35mm 1.4. I have fallen in love with this lens. This is a .JPG straight out of the camera. I can’t wait until Fuji releases their 56mm 1.2…that will be a game changer!

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  1. We call those “vampire” bats mosquitoes in Minnesota. :) ha ha

  2. I learned more about bats that I ever knew before (the only thing I knew before was that Bruce Wayne is Batman). Love the shot especially with all the people in the background with their cameras.

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