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iPhone Friday


Howdy! It has been quite a tech failure week over here. Boy oh boy, Apple Mavericks hates external hard drives. And we photographers know why we have external hard drives. Yep, you guessed it…to store crazy huge files our cameras produce. Maybe this is just another argument in favor of the rather simple mobile photography workflow?

Speaking of mobile photography, the good folks over at iPhone Photography School posted a cool review of my new course ‘The Art of Mobile Photography’. Make sure to visit the site, because they are offering very limited pricing. I mean very limited!


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  1. I have Mavericks and external drives, but have been fortunate not to have any issues and had no idea what it was about. I just googled around and wow, that’s messed up.

  2. Jeff Struck says:

    Oh man…I know the exact location of that shot…! I’ve got lots of fond memories of riding up that road with you and your dad, too! Nice one.

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