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iPhone Friday

64 Yard Field Goal Denver Broncos

Remember at the beginning of this week when I mentioned I was at the game where the NFL record-setting 64 yard field goal was kicked? Well this was it! And this was our view.


Snapseed Tutorial

Snapseed – The Definitive Guide

My Snapseed workshop now has a new look and a new home. It is updated with all the current tools including the new browser-based version, HDR Scape and Shadows Adjustments. It even comes with a cool eBook of creative tips. Sure, you are going to learn Snapseed but more importantly you are going to learn the fundamentals of creative image processing.

Click Here to get it at the introductory price of $14.97 over on Flatbooks.

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  1. Craig Carroll says:

    Hi other than the new features within snapseed does your new course offer much more over your udemy version? Thanks.

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