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Reflections Of Trillium

Trillium Lake Mt. Hood

The sub-zero temperatures here in Colorado have frozen the internet. I haven’t been able to upload anything today. I’ve also been battling computer issues. Apparently Apple’s new OS Mavericks doesn’t like my Drobo. Hmm, I’m not sure what is going on with Apple these days. Anyone else having issues with the new OS?

Ok, enough whining….let’s get to some beauty! This is an image I made last year at the 1st annual North by Northwest. I had wandered around Trillium Lake for a while looking far off into the distance at Mt. Hood when I stumbled upon this rock. I loved how the rock and its reflection were analogous to Mt. Hood and its reflection. It was kind of like and SAT question. X is to Y as A is to ? What do you think, does it work or am was I just really tired when I photographed it?

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  1. It definitely didn’t suck there, did it? :-)

  2. Well, you might be tired, but it’s a wonderful image of shadows and light and reflection.

    PS: Guess I won’t be upgrading my Mac just yet.

  3. Man, this is great Justin, definitely no suck! Pro

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