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Looking Forward

As I mentioned last week, things are changing here in 2014. I feel that they are changing of the better. Actually I know they are changing for the better. When I started HOSSedia, I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be. What I have found out is that it is a great way to meet cool people that have enriched my life. No question about that. As it evolved, what I have found is that I want it to be a creative outlet for my personal projects and stories. Then I asked myself, “well Justin…what about your photography lessons, reviews, etc…”. The good news is I partnered with a great friend of mine and we founded The Photo Frontier. It is a resource dedicated to photographers to help them become better photographers. We are really excited about it and have bunch of cool things planned. We actually have weekly meetings and everything. Here’s an example of what you might find over at The Photo Frontier.

So what’s happen with HOSSedia you ask? Here’s the 2 cents. It is going to be the place where I share all my personal projects much like I have been. However, I’m going to be sharing them less frequently but in a much richer manner. I want HOSSedia to be an outlet for long form photo essays about places I visit or people I meet. I want you to have a deeper experience when you visit. If you like the daily photos, don’t worry, I will continue to be posting photos to Facebook, G+, Flickr etc. at a much higher frequency. The long form stories will be reserved for HOSSedia.

Well, that’s pretty much the outlook for 2014. I hope you enjoy the change and the new adventures that will be offered. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to keep joining the adventure. If you have any questions, thoughts or words of encouragement let me know. I will always continue to be available here and the various social outlets.

  • Sign Up for The Photo Frontier Newsletter.
  • Like HOSSedia’s Facebook page since I will post photos there more frequently.
  • Follow Me on flickr since I will be posting photos there.
  • Circle Me on Google+ which is another great place to share photos.
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  1. Very interesting. I’ve always been less committed on my blog to storytelling or an overall theme than you, but I might be heading this way anyway. I don’t know if you saw my wordy comment on Jim Nix’s post last week (it came a couple of days after yours) but I basically said my favorite photo blog posts to read or write are those where the author/photographer puts something extra of himself or herself into the post like a memory or a shared experience. I didn’t mention photo essays but they also fit. All the other posts would work just as well as a simple photo on the sites where you commit to posting your daily photos. This might be the way to go.

  2. Look forward to the changes and will be looking out on Google+ for your photos Justin.

  3. Well now, this is interesting. I’m excited for you and The Photo Frontier project. And, regarding this blog, I’m with with Mark. Your story telling on this site one of the main reasons I keep coming back. I’m looking forward to your more occasional posts.

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