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Taking It For Granted

If you are still with me, even after the changes that have been slowly taking place here, I appreciate it. You are definitely a long time friend. If you are missing the photo specific content, you can pop on over to where I have been sharing all sorts of that stuff. You have probably noticed that the camera is taking on new meaning to me. I am becoming less and less interested in place, and more and more interested in people. I could on at length about my own creative/existential struggles and what all this means. But I just don’t know. Once I have my own thoughts sorted out, I will share them with you. For now, this image is what photography is for me. We take photographs for granted. The internet is full of amazing images, from all over the world. That’s not the case in some parts of the world. Meet Manuel Pop. He is of Mayan descent and a very proud man. He was kind enough to take me to his village one day on the southern border of Belize. He offered me a tour of his home and a chance to hang out with his family. After touring his home, I noticed he didn’t have a single photograph. I asked if it was against Mayan traditions. He laughed. Nope, photographs are fine. It’s just that they are rare and the only photo he had of his wife (their wedding photo) was lost in Hurricane Irene. He asked me if it wasn’t too much trouble for me to make a family portrait. His wife and kid loved seeing themselves and the image is on its way back to Belize, to Maya Center, to Manuel Pop. Right where it belongs.

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  1. How wonderful.

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