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Cycling Is Cool

Tom Danielson

Howdy! I was back in the cycling saddle last night working with a Jr. team here in Colorado. If you know anything about me, you know I love cycling. It’s the greatest sport on earth. There isn’t another sport out there where you can go and test yourself in the same arenas as the pros do. You can go ride the same mountain passes that the Tour de France traverses. I’ve done it. And although I do it slower than the pro peloton, it is no less spectacular. Another cool thing that separates cycling from the other sports is the athlete accessibility. Not only during the races, but in general. Last night Tom Danielson, who got 8th in the Tour de France came out to support our Junior cycling team. It was fun watching a bunch of really fit 16 & 17 year olds test themselves against him. And to be honest, they were giving him a run for his money. Yeah, cycling is the greatest sport on earth.

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