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Portraits Of Pain

Rory Sutherland USA Pro Challenge

This is the vision I had in mind when I headed to the USA Pro Challenge with an unconventionally long lens. I wanted to do something that had never been done before. I wanted to push the boundaries of cycling photography. The full project will be unveiled later this year, but the goal was to capture athletes that were pushing themselves beyond their physical limits. As a long time bike racer, I know what that feeling is and I wanted to share that feeling with the world. In this image, Rory Sutherland has clearly gone well beyond his physical limits. His efforts and ability to suffer have become a product of his will.

Postcards From The USA Pro Challenge

I’m sure I have mentioned that I’m in love with my new Fuji x100s. There is just something real and organic about it. I took it with me to the USa Pro Challenge, here are a few images from it developed using VSCO Film.

The x100s was very liberating and opened up entirely new journalistic avenues both creatively and professionally. I’m sure I’m the only cycling photographer using this tool, but I feel it will change event journalism entirely.

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Fuji x100s VSCO Film

Peter Sagan Wins

Peter Sagan USA Pro Championship

The ‘long lens project’ was a success. I’ll be able to update you on the details later. Today I had to share a photo of Peter Sagan as he roared to his 4th victory of the USA Pro Challenge. Yep, I shot this with the Nikon 500mm.


Help People Living With Parkinson’s Disease

If you like this photo and want to see more like it, pick up my newest book and help people living with Parkinson’s Disease. This week I’ll continue to donate a dollar from every book sold to the Davis Phinney Foundation which help people living with Parkinson’s Disease, live well.

The Dawn of America’s Race $9.99

The Dawn of America’s Race takes you from the press conference to the finish line of America’s greatest bike race. Photographer Justin Balog and professional cyclist and author Ted King joined forces to share a glimpse into the first two years of the USA Pro Challenge. Experience the race with over 100 never seen before images captioned and curated by Ted King himself. This book is beautiful, funny and like nothing that has ever been done before!

iPhone Friday




Howdy! The last week I’ve been primarily shooting iPhone images on my bike rides. You probably know by now, I do that quite a bit. However, because Strava recently began to offer integration, I can now display my IG images on my Strava rides. How cool is that? My two favorite social networks coming together. It’s cosmic!

If you don’t know about Strava, it’s basically a social network where you can share your activities like cycling, running, hiking, etc… On my rides I track location, heart rate, elevation, cadence, speed, temp, watts, etc…and now IG photos! Here is an example of a ride I did this weekend up in Boulder, CO. (Click To View)

I hope you all have a great weekend. We will see you back here on Monday. If I have good wifi access, I hope to share some ‘on location’ images. If not, I’ll still have something scheduled up for the week. Have a great one!

Crazy Fans Of The USA Pro Challenge

Did I mention the fans of this year’s USA Pro Challenge were some of the craziest I have seen? I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous riding in a media car up Flagstaff mountain. Fans were banging on the hood, yelling in the windows, and trying to give you high-fives as you passed by. Note of caution…never give someone a high-five from a moving car. That is a surefire way to break your wrist. Thankfully, I learned that lesson the easy way, from someone who learned it the hard way.