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It’s All Around Us

Belize Butterfly

Beauty is all around us, you just need to slow down a bit to see it.

Photographer’s Note – This image was made near the Mennonite Colony of Spanish Lookout. A beautiful place to visit with some great ice cream.

Sea Scape


I’ll be off the radar for a few days as I head deeper into the Mayan Mountains. The Internet is hard to come by deep in the jungle. It’s funny how most of us take connectivity for granted. I’m one of those people. After the first few days off the grid, you’re hyper aware of wifi hotspots. After a few more days, you start your digital cleanse. After a few more days, you end up doing a better job at living in the moment. This photo is from one of those moments, free of the distractions of the Internet and sitting on the dock chatting with a good friend. I hope you all have a chance to disconnect and enjoy some time with your friends.



Smile everyone! Last night not only did I have the opportunity to photograph a troop of Garifuna singers, I was invited to dance with them too. That is where to camera is taking me now. It’s taking me to new worlds full of new friends. The new project is underway.

Local Musicians

The x100s coupled with VSCO Film Packs makes for a compact and efficient creative tool. I photographed these two young musicians in Santa Fe this summer. They were quite good. Nothing like listening to a little boot stopmin’ rootsy folk while you browse local artisan offerings. They actually made an appearance in this movie I filmed while exploring the New Mexico landscape.


Photographer At Delicate Arch

This is one of those luck moments that just fate decides for you. Luck for both of us. I photographed this gentleman as he hiked up to Delicate Arch with his wife. He was nice enough to pose for me. It seemed a bit late, but I figured they were chasing the blue hour. About 1/2 hour later, I ran into them again. It was pitch black and neither had a flashlight. They were a bit older and having a hard time navigating the terrain. So, I gave his wife my flashlight and my wife and I escorted them out. That’s how Karma is supposed to work I guess?

Photographer’s Note – This is a handheld shot with my Fuji x100s. The RAW file was brought to life using Lightroom 5.