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Brighten Our Day

Maui Sunset

I thought we could all use a little sunshine today…if you’d like to put it on your desktop, just click the image, click ‘X3’ the right-click (pc) or ‘ctrl’-click (mac) and set it as desktop. Enjoy the light!

The Road To Hana

View of Hana From Fagen's Cross

I hope you all had a great weekend! We got a bunch of snow here in Colorado. You might be thinking that is why I decided to share this photo of the sleepy little town of Hana today. There is actually a more inspiring reason behind its selection. A friend of mine, Ted King (you might remember him from this post), shared a very personal and moving story of his own on Saturday. I suggest you read it…seriously CLICK HERE and read it. I promise you will benefit from it. Ten years ago, Ted’s father suffered a stroke. The road to recovery has been a long one. A while back Ted shared with me that his father’s account of his recovery was titled, ‘The Road To Hana’. So this image is for Ted, his family and more importantly his father, Dr. King.

Also, Ted hosts a ride to raise money for the institution that has helped his father. I’m planning on riding it this year, and it would be great to see you there. Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

French Women

Frech Woman Riding Bike

Not to sound creepy, but I shot this image with my camera hanging around my neck and a shutter release cable running down my sleeve. Hmm, on second thought…that sounds pretty creepy. I made a lot of photos using this technique in Bordeaux that day. I read about the technique from a great street photographer so I decided to give it a try on a walk between my hotel and the Saint-Andre Cathedral. I thought it worked out pretty good. Something you might not have considered is that it provided a unique perspective because the camera was about a foot and a half lower than eye level.

Photographer’s Note – In terms of processing, this image is a single photo processed in LR4. The B&W conversion along with the selective coloring was all done within NIK SEP 2.

Happy Thanksgiving

If you are celebrating it, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Colorful Colorado. If not, no biggie, I still hope you have a great day.

Photographer’s Note: I shot this photo at ‘Wall Lake’ high in the Colordao Flat Tops wilderness. It is a single image processed in Lightroom 4. Our camp was on the far side in that little meadow. We spent 3 days exploring the area around this lake. You can find the entire adventure, including all the gear, here.

A Quiet Night in Hana

The Hana Ranch Restaurant, is one of two places to eat in the sleepy little town of Hana, HI. Its great food combined with sitting out under the stars, listening to the waves roll in from the darkness, makes for quite an evening.

Photographer’s Note: This is a single image processed in Lightroom 4. I know I have sung the praises before, but the new math within LR4 is amazing. Here is the before image, straight out of the camera….yuk!