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There’s Gold In Them Hills

Crescent Valley Gold Mine

This is just a fraction of the gold mine near Crescent Valley Nevada. I believe they called this pit, the ‘Pipeline’ because the ore vein was discovered near an old water pipe. Now, the pit itself is over a mile long and several hundred feet deep. It produces….you won’t believe it….three million dollars in gold every Thursday!

Into The Great Wide Open

Juneau, AK

San Francisco And Hutch

San Francisco Trolley Car

Ahh….California Street in the mystical City By The Bay. Oh how I love San Francisco. The architecture, the sea, the people….I love everything about this great city. You can easily walk around and see iconic landmark after iconic landmark. I actually conducted an experiment when I was there last. I walked around town for a week shooting with exclusively with my Nikon D700 and 28-300 VR. Well, that and some iPhone. You can read about the experiment over on my review of the Nikon 28-300 VR.

Spaceship LA

LA Power Plant

This is LA as photographed from the Manhattan Beach pier. You can find it just north of Hermosa Beach. If you are interested, you can find out more information in my ‘Photographer’s Guide To Hermosa Beach‘. It’s a great place to visit for a long weekend.

Photographer’s Note – This is a single image processed in Lightroom 4. To achieve this effect I split-toned the image, desaturated it a bit, changed the white balance and boosted the noise reduction to soften it a touch.

Fisherman’s Son

Alaskan Fisherman's Son

If you aren’t listening to Port O’Brien, I recommend you do. They actually play a tune that inspired this image. The song, Fisherman’s Son, portrays the struggle between the you you’re born to be and what you dream of becoming. It does so by painting the picture of an Alaskan fisherman. Watching these boats head out through the fog into the vastness of the sea is something I will never understand. Romantic for sure, but in a haunting way. As much as I love the ocean, I have a slight phobia of cold endlessly deep water. I actually shot this image shortly after all the passengers on our cruise ship were briefed about sinking procedures…so that might have been why I was nervous.

Did you know you can click on all my photos on this site, then click the ‘X3’ above the image and save each photo as your daily desktop. I do it everyday…I thought you might like it as well.