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Reflections Of Trillium

Trillium Lake Mt. Hood

The sub-zero temperatures here in Colorado have frozen the internet. I haven’t been able to upload anything today. I’ve also been battling computer issues. Apparently Apple’s new OS Mavericks doesn’t like my Drobo. Hmm, I’m not sure what is going on with Apple these days. Anyone else having issues with the new OS?

Ok, enough whining….let’s get to some beauty! This is an image I made last year at the 1st annual North by Northwest. I had wandered around Trillium Lake for a while looking far off into the distance at Mt. Hood when I stumbled upon this rock. I loved how the rock and its reflection were analogous to Mt. Hood and its reflection. It was kind of like and SAT question. X is to Y as A is to ? What do you think, does it work or am was I just really tired when I photographed it?

Fisher Towers Redux

Fisher Tower Moab Utah Nikon 45mm PC-E

Howdy! I hope you all had a great weekend. It is getting cold here in Colorado. I have shot Fisher Towers many times, but in this image I wanted to try a fresh take on them. I opted for my 45mm PC-E (a very unique and specialized lens) to add a little extra ‘something something’ to the image. In the end, I dug it. I will have more about this image and places all around the Moab area in an upcoming video workshop I’m working on with my partner from I can’t wait to share it with you. It is going to be really cool, fun, inspiring and I think you will all learn some very valuable information from it. Keep you posted!

Bob Lussier

Bob Lussier

The is my man Bob Lussier. He recently sent me a cool photo for my ‘about me’ page, so I thought I would share a photo that I shot of him while we were at #nXnw 2013. Bob has many claims to fame, but the fact he can run a sub three hour marathon, pretty much makes his a super hero in my book. Make sure to check out his work here.

Cisco Utah – Part III

Cisco Utah

This will be the final look at the forgotten town of Cisco, UT. It’s actually not completely forgotten, that house is occupied. There is usually a light on in it and apparently they rock Dish Network. It is usually quiet in town, but the day we visited some Troopers (pronounced Troopahs) pulled up and arrested a couple of fugitives. Dave Wilson thought they were there to arrest him, so he hid inside the post office.

Cisco Utah

Photographer’s Note – If you enjoyed this series and would like to know how I processed these photos, I shared my NIK CEP 4 Recipe. Click Here to download it.

Cisco Utah – Part II

Cisco Utah

Brace yourself for some more Americana. I have decided to dedicate the week to a few more images of Cisco Utah. It’s such a unique place, that very few people of know of. Even less consider it a photographer’s paradise. If you ever pass by, make sure to take the scenic byway into Moab and stop at Cisco along the way.

Photographer’s Notes – This week’s series of images were all shot handheld using a Nikon 45mm PC-E and processed in Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4.