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What’s Your Calling?

As much as I love Les Pauls and dream of playing lead guitar in a blues band, the soul of my playing is more closely aligned with playing a Telecaster in a space rock band. That same analogy can be applied to my photography. Something that resonates with my soul, that I don’t do nearly enough of is environmental portraits. Yep, I shoot and share a lot of landscape images, but deep down I’m a storyteller. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of photography. It’s just that my muse speaks the loudest when I’m working with interesting and unique people bathed in natural light.

What about you? What’s your calling?

Danny Summerhill

It is another big day in the mountains today for the riders of the Tour de France. To celebrate one of my favorite times of year, I thought I would share a cycling photo. This is the young Danny Summerhill as he warms up for the 2011 US Pro Cycling Championship Time Trail.

The French Can Throw A Party

Tour De France Party

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought my project was going to be wrapped up today, but it looks like I still have a week left. I’m very close though. I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s Photo
Every year in July, the ski towns of France open back up and throw one heck of a party. Fans and spectators from all around Europe gather in the Alps and Pyrenees to cheer on the riders of the Tour de France. On this night in the mountain town of La Mongie, young and old danced well into the night. Andy Schleck fans continued to party well into the morning, all the while chasing a wild donkey around town….but that’s another story.

Seventeenth Street

Hermosa Beach

The Strand is a concrete pedestrian path (bikes, skateboards, roller skates, are all accepted) that runs from Palos Verdes in the south, to Santa Monica in the north. Almost every block is marked with a street light and garbage can. When I was out there last week working on the photo essay I will be sharing with you next week, I found myself strolling along it at night. It is a car free and safe way to get from place to place. Without knowing where I was, or really where I was going, these street lights and garbage cans became my guides. Behind each one is the beach, followed by the Pacific Ocean.

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The Streets Have No Names

The Street Of Bordeaux France

I made this image while wandering the streets of Bordeaux on a beautiful summer night. I had no idea where I was going, simply exploring with my camera. There were illuminated street maps at a few of the corners but it was almost impossible to decipher the complexity of these medieval streets. They were built long ago without a 700yr ‘master plan’ in place. Today’s streets get us where we need to go as efficiently as possible, but city planners have sure taken the romance out of going to the grocery store. I hope to return to Bordeaux someday, simply to find out what’s around the corner.

Here a couple tries to make sense of the madness.

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