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Cozumel Taxi

You’re looking at a scene you’ll commonly find in Cozumel. Taking a taxi ride down the main boulevard, trying to improve your Spanish and staring at the driver’s trusty CB. You end up doing it so much, you just have to take a photo of it.

Basque Influence

Star Elko Nevada

You wouldn’t expect to find a heavy Basque shepherd influence in Nevada. But you do! Yep, the Basque shepherds that migrated from Spain settled in the little town of Elko Nevada where they kept their traditions alive an well. The shepherds are a migratory bunch, that follow the movements of their sheep. Rarely do they stay in one place very long. All they need is a room for the night, a large family style meal and a cold beer. The Star Restaurant in Elko, NV honors that tradition and continues to provide those necessities to the Basque shepherds that still visit the area. If you’re ever in Elko, make sure to grad dinner there. The Star is a living piece of history.

Reflections On The Past

Nikon 18-200

If you remember last week’s adventure in Americana, I shared some ideas surrounding using non-pro gear to have fun and make images. Well, this was another shot from that adventure. The sun was setting, and noticed the windmill in the distance. I initially thought about compressing the image by zooming in on the horizon. However, just up ahead of me were the tire tracks you see here. They were leading me right in to the scene. So I decided to run up the road, get low and grab a quick hand-held shot. Now, if I was shooting anything but a non-pro super zoom…no way could I have made that compositional decision within the few seconds Mother Nature granted me. Again, the lesson is feel the flow and forget the gear!

The Great Wide Open

Pawnee Grasslands

If this isn’t what Tom Petty was talking about, I don’t know what is? Yes, still an adventure into Americana with the Nikon 18-200…well, that and an iPhone. I shared some thoughts about the creative process as it relates to the adventures on the plains over at Big World Little Lens if you’re interested.

Photographer’s Note – This is a single image brought to life using Lightroom 4. Has anyone upgraded to LR5 yet?

The Herd

Cattle Ranch

The #RoadTrip continues, more important so does the adventure with a non-pro Craig’s List lens. I’ve stated before that the Nikon 18-200 is one of my all time favorite lenses. This image is a good example of why. Had I been bothered with lens decisions and heavy gear, I might have missed this opportunity that mother nature presented. Again, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on glass. Just find a system you are comfortable with and have fun. By comfortable, I mean you know how to use it (so the technology doesn’t get in the way of your creative muse) and it’s not a burden to carry around. That being said…I’m really interested in the new Fuji X system along with the 55-200. For the focal ranges I primarily shoot, the Fuji system would be 1/2 the weight of my current Nikon travel kit. For me, that’s a BIG DEAL! More on that later.