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By The Dock At The Bay

beautiful view

Howdy! I hope you had a great weekend. I processed a bunch of images for the next couple of weeks. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Today we are looking at a great place to read a book, watch a sunset, or just relax. It’s hard for me to quiet my mind, it’s always on, but places like this do the trick. Do you have a place where you like to think?

Stay tuned, this should be a fun week!

Photographer’s Note – This is a single image processed in Lightroom 4 then spiced up with some Nik CEP 4.

Good Friends

Prima's Cozumel

Does anyone else excuse themselves from the dinner table when you are out with friends, so you can go take a photo? I’m glad I have the friends I do. They let me sit the front seat of taxis so I have room for my camera bag and tripod, they point out cool photos, they even order for me if the waiter comes by when I’m off making a photo. I sound kind of high maintenance? I try to return the favors as best I can. Friends are a precious gift, no doubt!

Today’s Pic – This the view of San Miguel on the island of Cozumel. All the commerce here is a product of the cruise ship ports. Someday’s up to 8 ships, that’s close to 25,000) descend on the island. I try to avoid the town on those days. No way do you want to get mixed up in that nonsense.

Photographer’s Note – This is single image processed in Lightroom 4 and stylized with Nik Software CEP 4.

Cozumel By Snapseed




Howdy! I’m finally back to the world of consistently fast internet. I don’t think the internet is slower in Mexico, I just think that the WiFi is taxed in the hotels. Two years ago, an iPad or Smartphone was rare. Now, everybody and their uncle is mobile and the hotels are having a hard time keeping up.

I’m all ready for my webinar tomorrow and I hope you have registered. These images, along with others, will be featured in it. I’m planning on introducing you to the Cozumel I know and love. I can guarantee it’s not the one you see in the commercials.

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Night Lights Of La Jolla

Today’s photo was made high about La Jolla California from the top of Mt. Soledad. If you are ever visiting La Jolla, make a point of getting up there. It’s beautiful. If you’d like to see other great locations in La Jolla, check out my free travel guide. It’s full of photo locations, places to stay and things to do!

The photograph below has already hit the site, but I thought it would be fun to show you the view from Mt. Soledad at sunrise….

Mt. Soledad

The Layers Of Sunset

I shot this sunset outside of the small town of Elko, NV. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….zoom or telephoto lenses will often make better landscape lenses than wide angle lenses. There’s no way I could have achieved the tonal recession in the image with a wide angle lens. I was using one of my favorite all around lenses, the Nikon 18-200 VR. If you are interested, I posted an image heavy review of this lens here.

Photographer’s Note: This is a single image processed using Lightroom 4.