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Fruita Colorado

In the distance is the small town of Fruita Colorado as seen from the Colorado National Monument. If you are a mountain biker, you’ve probably have visited once or twice. It used to be small agricultural town, but in the last 5 years it has become of the top 5 places in the US for mountain biking. If you are ever headed this way, let me know and I can share some trail information with you. A couple of years back I rode my mountain bike from Fruita to Moab along the fabled Kokopeli Trail. That was an adventure I will never forget.

Abandoned By The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake Urbex

The places you find in Salt Lake City Utah are pretty cool! This location is just south of the Great Salt Lake. I have no idea what was, but now it’s a photographer’s heaven. The only strike against it is that is smells an awful lot like dead fish. Other than that, it’s pretty neat.

Photographer’s Note – To account of the range of light in this image, I had to shoot 7 brackets and blend them together using Photomatix. I finished the stylizing off in Color Efex Pro.

Billy The Kid’s Grave

Billy The Kid's Grave

If you ever find yourself driving through ‘Nowhere’ New Mexico, stop by Fort Summers and visit Billy The Kid’s grave. If not, just read about it on Wikipedia and enjoy this image. There’s not much else there.

Photographer’s Note – I posted a HOW-TO video about this image over on a live Google+ On-Air hangout. If you are interested, you can watch it here.

Departing Arches

Arches National Park Traffic

Normally, I post my images around midnight. Not this week! After three full days of sunsets and sunrises I’m pretty tuckered out. Catching up on sleep has affected the publishing schedule a bit. I made this image over the weekend as we hiked out from sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. The hike wasn’t bad. Once the moon came up, you really don’t even need a flashlight. At the car we had a brilliant tailgate picnic under the full moon. While I was hiking out you could hear bats whirling about overhead. I began to think about the image making process. It’s beautiful, the entire process is. Sure, I guess the image is the end goal, but along the way you enrich your life by filling it with moments like this. In short, let the image take you places but make sure you enjoying everything along the way!

Photographer’s Note – I made this image with the Fuji X-E1 and 55-200mm. I brought the RAW to life using Lightroom 5.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks San Francisco

Howdy! I hope yo all had a great weekend. I spent it upgrading my studio a bit and migrating to a new Mac. I’m not totally there, but going from 4gb of memory to 16gb of memory is pretty easy to get used it! This week might be touch and go, but I’ll do my best. Today’s image is from the world-famous Twin Peaks overlook outside of San Francisco. I made of a few images of the skyline, then I noticed the cars racing up this gem of a curve. Out came the Fuji 55-200 and composed it nice and tight. After all was said and done, I was pretty happy with the change of perspective.