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Just Relax

Almond Beach Resort Belize

We will get back to the Fuji field tests from San Francisco tomorrow. Today, we will just relax…

The Towns Across The River

San Ignacio Belize

On your left is the small town of San Ignacio Belize. On your right is the town of Santa Elena Belize. Two towns, divided by the Macal river. This is a single image shot with a fisheye lens from Belize’s only suspension bridge. If you are here, you are only a few miles from the border of Guatemala.

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Tree of Life

Tree Of Life Utah

If you have ever driven west of Salt Lake City, you probably seen the Tree of Life. It’s a 100ft sculpture that rises up out out the salt flats. You’d think it’s a mirage. Have you ever seen it?

Photographer’s Note I used Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom presets to process this image. Just one click and I was done! Click Here to get them. Use the code HOSSedia to save yourself some money on them.

Dave Black

Dave Black Lightpainting Workshop

There is a long story behind this image, a story that goes back nearly 15 years. Dave Black, one of the greatest sports photographers of all time, became a hero of mine way back when. I’ve studied his work with creative lighting for over a decade. So, when I happened to run into him in the small town of Cisco Colorado, I was surprised to say the least. We chatted for a bit, shot some photos and that was about it. Well, until the next night I ran into him here at delicate arch. I won’t tell you how I got down here, but Dave refereed to me as ‘The Fearless Leader’. Anyway, he was conducting a light-painting workshop (he’s the guy holding the light up top) and invited all my buddies from the #nXn20123 trip to join in We all sat back and had a great time as the most legendary light-painter did his thing. I guess this lesson here is, always be nice and respectful. The world is a staggeringly small place and it’s important to fill it with positive energy. You just never know how you might meet out there, so open yourself to new adventure and meeting new people.

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

If you ever make it to Arches, NP make sure you hike to Delicate arch. It’s a beautiful 2 mile hike. Sure, there will be other people there. But they’ll all be drinking wine and eating cheese. It’s a great atmosphere and the positive vibrations are contagious. You’ll love it! Heck, it even made me feel alright about dropping my Fisheye lens the day before. It was still working…I shot this image with it. I needed the perspective to include the people in the right side of the frame.
Do you see them?