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Remittance Man Revisited

Remittance Man

This is what is left of Tommy George’s cabin. He was a classically trained pianist from Britain. You can read more about him and see the outside of his cabin here in The Remittance Man.

Zen And The Art Of Tripods

In all her glory!

Yesterday I had a good buddy email me complaining that he hadn’t received his ‘Zen moment of the day’. He subscribes by email, and expects to have a photo and story in his in-box every morning when he wakes up. You can subscribe by email too. Learn how here.

I try to get images and stories out as often as I can. Occasionally I succeed at getting them out 7 days a week. This week I failed. However, this time it was for good reason (especially if you are in the middle of making a tripod purchase decision). I just added a ‘reviews’ section to the site, and the first thing I reviewed was my favorite support system. Actually, second favorite…friends and family are my first favorite.

You can check it out here:

More Zen moments soon….stay tuned!